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I have been weight training for several years, now, and I have no doubt as to the power of my body; I have sparred with other bodybuilding women and won, but what I really enjoy is the challenge of bringing down a man. There is no other rush quite like the feeling of a masculine body against me, pushing my strength to the limit in order to ensure his ultimate defeat. I don't play to lose, either; no matter how big and manly you may think you are, I have no qualms about cutting you down to size in our erotic wrestling phonesex fetish session to make you feel like the wimpy little brat I know you are. You see, I don't train for you; I know it turns you on to see me pumping iron, but when you struggle to compete with my workout in the gym, all you'll hear is my mocking laughter. No matter how much weight you lift, you're always going to be weak compared to my perfectly toned physique, and if you don't recognize it off the bat, I'll make sure you'll learn to do so.

You drool over me, seeing the way my muscles bulge in ways that you can only dream of having for yourself. Looking at horny, envious guys like you, I can't help but wonder what's the more powerful bodybuilding phonesex fantasy: getting to touch me or getting to be me? Touching me is out of the question unless you are ready to capitulate to me; the only way you'll ever get your hands on this muscle-bound body is as a competitor, writhing beneath me, or a worshipful admirer of me as the female supremacy phonesex queen, kissing my toes as a sign of your admission as to the natural superiority of women. Making you more feminine could certainly be fun, putting you in a pink tutu and letting you stand there in frills in the ring with me as I effortless exert control over you...but really, even as a girl, you could never match up. Obviously, you don't stand a chance; take one step out of line and I'll put you on your back in two seconds flat, smothering you between my rock-hard thighs. I'll take on any man; that hard cock is only a distraction for you which makes it all the easier for me to pin you down, tits laying tantalizingly close to your face as I tap out the end of our match.

People call me a ball-busting phonesex muscle bitch and I guess it's true. I have yet to meet a man who can handle the deliciously crushing power of me, and I will tease you if you try, but especially if you fail.

Are you ready to rumble? Bring it on!