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There is nothing I like more than transforming tough guys into pretty girls. It takes a lot of strength to admit that all you really want is to be down on your knees before a dominant lover, aching for the treatment you deserve for being dressed like such a horny little sissy slut. I know how it can be for boys like you; you crave feminine compassion and seduction as much as you crave your own submission, and I am the strong, but sensual phone sex domme you need to put you in that perfect place.

It's not about brute force, but rather about being swept off your feet and out of control, mesmerized by the mystique of someone who fully embodies what it means to be a woman...and then takes you there, too.

I know you're a little shy and maybe even reluctant to admit how much you want it, but you've already taken the first step by reading my profile, so it's not hard for you to call me and for me to coax you along and help you to become the cross-dressing phone sex slut that you've always dreamed of being. I like how frail and delicate you become under my tender guidance; this transformation is a full body experience, from the bright red lipstick on your wet, parted lips to the high-heeled fuck-me pumps on your feet, shaping your legs and giving you a perfectly femme gait. I can tell by the way you adoringly gaze at me that it's my fashion and style as much as my passionately powerful persona that weakens your knees to be around.

Whether you end up my sexy girly girlfriend or my whore for hire, I've got what it takes to get to you. Cross dressing phone sex is my specialty; just one taste, princess, and you will be mine.