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Picture this: You're out with your buddies, one night, when you spot, sitting at the bar, the most beautiful woman you've ever seen. She's wearing a short skirt and a black latex boustiere and sitting with her legs crossed, exposing an alluring expanse of fishnetted flesh topped off by intimidatingly sharp stiletto heels. Your mouth waters as your eyes trail along her majestically long, perfectly sculpted legs, and you find yourself wondering exactly how tall she is...and exactly how willing a goddess like that might be to allow you to kneel before her. You are staring so intently at her that it takes you by surprise when she rises from the stool and begins a slow trek toward you, ending up towering over you in your seat. All she has to do is beckon to you with one finger and you leave your friends and make your way to her side; it's then that you realize that she's not only gorgeous, but her incredible height makes you feel as though you are perpetually in the middle of a shrinking phonesex fantasy, getting smaller by the minute. By the time she's lured you home with her, you have come to accept your fate: you have fallen prey to a powerful giantess, and she has you exactly where she wants you.

Standing naturally at a height of 6'3, I have been called the queen of giantess phonesex. I pride myself on the intoxicating power I have simply by virtue of my statuesque figure, particularly when augmented by spiked heels which bring me to stand even taller over my playtoys. I adore the sight of a man gazing up at me in worshipful adoration of my height, and will stop at nothing to make you feel as small as you are. As to whether I will be kind or cruel with my tiny pet is entirely up to you; I have the power to make you the size of a miniscule ant, and if you do not show proper reverence, I will use it in kind.

When you are ready to be the footstool of a magnificent gargantuan phonesex giantess, come find me.